Solar Power Plant

Technical Information

A 110 KWp Solar PV power plant at village. This power plant is expected to provide electricity to about 500 families as well as also integrate the drinking water supply system to successfully meet the growing needs of drinking water requirement of the local people.

Plant is capable of delivering grid quality power. For remote and isolated villages 'Stand Alone type of SPV power plants with small length of LT distribution line is the only suitable system for power supply.

Out of installed Solar PV array capacity of 110KWp about 100 KW has been earmarked for power supply scheme & balance 10KWp Solar PV array has been earmarked for daytime drinking water supply scheme. The power plant supplies grid quality power to around 600 consumers of village for 6 hours duration in the evening regularly. An electronic load controller restricts the consumer's load. A beneficiary committee comprising of people's representative and representatives from local administration look after the power plant.

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