Solar Auto

Technical Information

Auto-rickshaws are the most polluting vehicles on Indian roads. They usually run on 2/ 4 stroke and also LPG engines which are inherently more polluting engine. Solar Auto runs only at 25-35 km/hr speed and it operated by Solar.

The solar auto designed with hybrid system to run 80-110 km/charge and with speeds of 25-35 km/hr will be an excellent substitute for 2/4 stroke auto. A silent and non polluting Solar auto will be a boon to India.

Solar powered auto will replace the millions of fossil and pedal rickshaws that operate throughout Asia. Each auto rickshaw replacement has the potential to save 10 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

SEMCO SOLAR has designed to solar-electric by removing the petrol engine and installed BLDC motor, connected in series, on the back wheels. Solar Module are installed on the roof & high quality batteries are used. Continuous Research & Development is going on to make more efficient and meet to renewable energy to social area. SEMCO SOLAR has own R & D section and that’s why SEMCO Solar become first position in India as a major role in EVS (Electric Vehicle System)

SEMCO Solar has plan to introduce minimum 10 seated Solar Vehicle for that R & D has been started.