Solar Inverter

Technical Information

Dual Charge technology (Called Hybrid System): Charging from SPV Solar Energy as well as Mains (for Emergency Boosting Charging).

Input Voltage : 100V~300V.

Output Voltage on Mains Mode : Same as Input.


Output Voltage on UPS Mode : 200V~230V ± 10%.

Switching from Mains to UPS and from UPS to Mains : Automatic.

Output Waveform on Mains Mode : Same as Input.

Battery Charging Current : Constant Charging Approx 10% of The Rated Battery.

UPS Overload : 100%.

UPS Short Circuit : 300%.

UPS Transfer Time : ±15 msec.


Auto Reset Feature : Yes.

Battery Status & Charging Status

Normally the system can be charged through SPV Solar. But during the Monsoon/ Cloudy weather, the charging system can be operated through mains for boosting charging.